Unlocking your Wii can be an extremely complicated process for the average Wii user. We've searched high and low to find the best Wii Homebrew products that allow you to safely unlock your Wii while remaining affordable and easy to use.

Not everyone wants to spend $100.00 to "Mod" or "Chip" their console when there are much cheaper and safer methods out there that unlock Wii. Plus, who wants to void their Wii's warranty? Nintendo won't be able to help with any future problems that may arise.

Each unlocking method offered on Wii Power Up is 100% safe, legal and will not void your warranty. Guaranteed!
The issue many Wii owners run into when trying to find out how to unlock Wii is that there are a ton of products out there that promise to unlock Wii, but simply don't deliver. These companies often don't last long, but while they are around, they can cause headaches for a lot of consumers.

Recently Nintendo Wii released Version 4.3 of their product. If you have a new Wii or have updated your Wii recently, chances are you are running Version 4.3. Currently the only product found to unlock Wii v4.3 and earlier is homebrew. No others as of today have improved their wii homebrew software. 25 January 2013.

We have always stood behind homebrew when it comes to providing an easy to follow, step by step guide to Unlock Wii and play homebrew Wii. Once again they impress us with delivering a sensible solution in a timely manner. Not to mention at a very affordable price.
The product(s) above can be used to unlock Wii, and are 100% safe, legal, and will not void your warranty. They all use a software method to unlock Wii which means no hardware or soldering required.

All products found on Wii Power Up are easy to use. We guarantee you will not be disappointed! If you are, they ALL come with a 60 day money back guarantee!

Why not try it, if you don't like it - return it hassle free. Anyone can do it. Yes, that includes Mom and Dad!